Access EU and ESA Research and Innovation Supports

Enterprise Ireland can introduce you to many international programmes that stimulate and improve collaboration between companies in different EU member states. We can also help you to tender for contracts from prestigious EU agencies.

Horizon 2020

Horizon 2020, FP7’s successor is fully up and running (as of December 2013). It offers Irish companies valuable opportunities to participate in high quality collaborative research projects with other companies and research institutions across Europe. Learn more at:

Science with and for Society (SwafS) 2018-2020 Programme

Science with and for Society (SwafS) is a Horizon 2020 programme that aims to build effective cooperation between science and society, to recruit new talent for science, and to pair scientific excellence with social awareness and responsibility. It is instrumental in addressing the European societal challenges tackled by Horizon 2020, building capacities and developing innovative ways of connecting science to society. It makes science more attractive, raises the appetite of society for innovation, and opens further research and innovation activities. Learn more at: SwafS 2018-2020.

Electronic Components and Systems for European Leadership – the ECSEL Joint Undertaking

Enterprise Ireland can support Irish companies who wish to get involved in collaborative projects in the area of Electronic Components and Embedded Software Systems. Learn more at ECSEL.


If you are interested in partnering on a close-to-market R&D research project with another company or companies in Europe the EUREKA network can help you identify partners, develop a collaborative project plan and  co-ordinate funding applications to research funding agencies in each relevant country.  In EUREKA you and your collaborating partners decide for yourselves on the subject-matter, scale and duration of your R&D project. To find out if you are eligible and how to apply, go to EUREKA.


SMEs looking to partner on close-to-market R&D projects with another company or companies in Europe can apply to Eurostars Programme for research funding for the collaborative project.  Projects approved by Eurostars are eligible for up to 50% funding towards their costs.  Learn more at: Eurostars Programme.

Enterprise Europe Network (EEN)

Search a database of over 9,500 technology requests and offers, business cooperation profiles and research partner requests from companies like yours across Europe, Asia, Russia, North America and Brazil. For more information, go to Enterprise Europe Network.

European Space Agency (ESA)

The European Space Agency promotes co-operation among European States in space research, technology and applications. Enterprise Ireland assists Irish companies to successfully bid for ESA contracts. Learn more about ESA and winning ESA contracts at: European Space Agency.

ICT specific research initiatives for companies

Enterprise Ireland can help Irish ICT companies to get involved in international programmes in this area. Learn more at: ICT specific research supports for companies.